About Whale Rock Workshops

What is Whale Rock?

My husband’s family owns a home on the great lakes. About ten feet from the shore sits a giant, round boulder called Whale Rock. Generations of family members and friends have played on that rock. Whale Rock is a pirate ship, an island, a whale, a magical place. Whale Rock is imagination.

Shari Becker, FOunder

Hello! Welcome to Whale Rock Workshops.

I created this business after attending numerous writing events and workshops for adults and after teaching numerous writing classes for middle schoolers and teens.

In the early stages of my career I often found myself in the role of producer, editor and project manager. I was very good at organizing “things.” I wanted to create a writing workshop that combined top-notch talent with an exceptional level of care. I wanted to focus on the little details. I wanted my participants to want for nothing.

I’m committed to hiring only the best instructors. Master teachers committed to helping you do your best writing.

And then, there’s the experience: food, location and lodging.

When you sign up for a Whale Rock Workshop, you are guaranteed delicious, hearty meals and snacks. In Concord, students have the opportunity to explore literary history while they enhance their writing skills. In Maryland, students will stay on an eco-farm, surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards, organic gardens and animals. I’m in the process of developing other workshops as well - taking students to unique destinations both literary, historical and just plain fun. I’m exploring ideas around mindfulness and adventure. Stay tuned!

My teen workshops are focussed on helping budding writers find their own voices. I truly believe that young authors benefit from learning the same skills that adult authors use. Our instructors are master educators, published authors or specialists in their field. They encourage students to play with language, to break the conventional rules taught in classroom settings and to express themselves freely. I truly believe that self-expression and communication skills are gifts we give our children.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Whale Rock. I look forward to hearing from you or meeting you at a workshop.

All the best,