Boston Workshops For Tweens and Teens

Whale Rock Workshops are designed to encourage the development of young students' voices, insights and points of view, all of which are critical to strong writing skills, whether students are writing fiction, persuasive essays, literary responses or college applications.

All our workshops are run in small groups so that students have the opportunity for one-on-one feedback, direction from our instructors, and positive peer input.  

Academic Programs

Your Voice College Essays

Your Voice College Essays is a college essay company that helps students stand out from their peers during the collegiate acceptance process with essays that tell their stories. Our company employs marketing agents and admissions officers from top tier schools and professional writers to help ensure each student submits the best possible essay. In addition to acceptance letters, our students have received accolades based on their essay submissions from admissions officers. Each essay is read by the Your Voice team ensuring it hit all the important marks. 

Students can work with our team one-on-one or in a small-group workshop format. (See below)

A package costs $1000*, and includes four hours of one-on-one writing time and multiple reads by the Your Voice team. Additional sessions cost $250 an hour. (*Please note, this price will go up on Sept. 1, 2018. All students who register for the 2017-2018 package will be locked into the current rate.)

Personal Essay Writing with Louisa Jaggar of Your Voice

Help your child find their own personal voice in writing. This essay class goes far beyond the traditional essay required and taught by schools, and teaches students HOW to write about their own personal lives. Real writing starts with writing about what you know. And what do students know best? Themselves. This is excellent preparation for writing admission essays. It is also a life skill that helps make sure that students know how to communicate effectively who they are and what they care about.

About Louisa: Louisa is the co-founder of Education in Action and Your Voice and has been working with students for almost 30 years. She, and her college admission expert team, have mastered helping students write college essays that distinguish their voices from the pack. 

Length: 3 hours
Cost: $400
Age: 8th grade through 11th grade (7th grade with permission)

Date: September 7, 2018 3:30 - 6:30

4 student minimum
Contact us for more information about upcoming workshops or about scheduling one on your own


Language Arts Exam Prep 

Language Arts exams can be daunting for students who are often faced with analyzing a short story they have never seen before. Our two-hour study sessions will build students' confidence, preparing them for this unpredictable test. We offer tips and tricks to help students both uncover the story's theme and find the necessary quotes to back their ideas. 

Length: 2 hours
Cost: $200 for 1 student, $320 for 2 students, $420 for 3 students, $480 for 4 students
Age: 9th grade and up (As needed for younger students)

Contact us to schedule a workshop


Fiction Workshops

Creative Writing Workshops in Your Home

Bring together a group of students, and we will run a six-week creative writing program for them. Topics covered include character development, artistic language, story arcs, and more.

Length: One hour (for six weeks)
Cost: $150 for the series, $25 for drop-in
Age: 6th grade and up (contact us about groups for younger students)

4 student minimum

One-Day Author Workshops

Bring together a group of students, and we will deliver a popular author to your home! Our roster of authors include local authors, critically acclaimed and award-winning authors and even New York Times best-selling authors. Classes can be taught by either one or two Whale Rock instructors in addition to a guest author. Each student is guaranteed one-on-one time with our visiting author, too. 

Length: 2-4 hours depending on the number of students, the age of the students and our guest author.
Cost: $80 - $300 per student depending on the length of the class, the number of instructors, the author, and travel costs.
Age: 6th grade and up (contact us about groups for younger students)

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